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About us

About us

Who we are?

We are Emese and Robert, founders of BUKKI Candles ® Eco Candle Atelier, which is a small workshop where we make rapeseedwax and beeswax candles in a minimalist style. I am an agriculturalist and Robert is a human resources specialist. We met at the University of Debrecen and settled down in Harsány with our family, at the foot of the beautiful Bükk mountins. I plan the candles, make experiments with the different designs, pour or dip them to their final form and pack them to an environment friendly package. Robert is my indispensable help in logistics and in strategies.  BUKKI Candles ® Eco Candle Atelier was born on a December night at 2018 before Christmas where we experienced the unpleasent smell of our household candles, we used until then. We started to learn about different candle waxes and how they are produced.

Average household candles are made of crude oil such as plastic bags. Many of our family members suffer from asthma so I didn't want to burn candles made of paraffin in our home any more. Paraffin is a by-product of crude oil mining and before it becomes a white wax with a neutral look and smell it is a black, smelly and toxic raw material. This raw material needs to be bleached with different industrial chemicals. When we burn a paraffin candle in a room with closed windows, it can contaminate the air of the room with different carcinogenic particles, like benzene and toluene. 

We read a lot about what waxes can we use instead of paraffin waxes and we found plant based hydrogenated waxes. Most of these plant-based waxed are made of soy, palmseed or rapeseed oil, scented or unscented. Filled into glasses or in pillar candle or taper candle design. We fell in love with the various forms we can make from this material and we even don't harm our environment. The fumes of these waxes were also examined by scientists who did not found any harmful molecules in them.

After many reading we chose rapeseed wax instead of soy wax as rapeseed is grown in Europe. This way we don't support taking away more and more rainforest from the Amazonas. Following many experiments we decided to make unscented candles. We don't even use any essential oils in our candles, because we should apply it in such concentration in each candle which could cause headache or allergic reactions in sensitive people. We recommend to use essential oils with diffusers or evaporators and consult with your family-doctor before it. 


With time we broadened our raw materials with pure beeswax from Hungarian beekepers. Beeswax is different from rapeseedwax in many things, for example in its stickiness and in what kind of mould do I need to pour it. Young bees produce beeswax with their diligent work and beeswax candles makes us happy with their beautiful, warm light and we can meditate and have a rest by its sweet scent. We make our candles to have as long burn time as we can reach and to have only a minimal candle residue. Our beeswax candles burn dripless but please avoid moving a burning candle.

According to a very nice phrase bees turn the light of the sun into wax. With using a beeswax candle we let the sun a little bit into our living room.

We collect all wax resiudes during our production and we never mix our plant based waxes with beeswax in any phase of our candle making. You can be sure that our rapeseedwax candle is 100% vegan. We don't produce excess stock. We have a basic amount of candle in stock and we produce the orders as soon as we possible. We endeavour to minimize our carbon footprint as we would like to show nature and the beautiful Bükk mountain in such state as we knew it when we were children. We thought a lot how to help the wildlife in the forests of Bükk mountain so we looked up the Bükki Local Group of BirdLife Hungary. We decided to place owl holes for the bird of the year at different sites of the forest. We hope that we can show you a lot of pictures soon from their owners and we can support further the indispensable work of the group.